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PlanBpost was started in 2015 with the intention of catering Post Production services to clients who want their project done at a competative rate, great quality and ease of communication.

Our leadership has worked in various studios from ILM, Framestore, Rhythm and Hues and more. Quality over quantity is our goal at this point. If you're looking for an ally to help handle your production needs, just holler."
Ranadheer Reddy
Natalia Lin
Executive Producer
Chaitanya M
Executive Producer

Recent Projects

Our Areas of Expertise


PlanBpost's Roto team is capable of handling the most complex tasks with precision and on-time delivery.

Camera Tracking

Be it a boat floating on water or a talking cheetah running in the jungles. Camera tracking is something our layout guys have been doing for a decade.

Cleanup / Paint work

Wire removal, rig removal, complex paints between smoke. The artists have done it and enjoy a good challenege.


Our compers are not only worked on Oscar, Bafta and Emmy winning shows, but they have also managed to output the most beautiful images on screen with recognition.

3D Modelling

Even though the Modelling team is small. They are still equipped with solid work etichis and have delivered a number of comples models

Matte Painting

From the mountains for Machu-Pichu, to the expoded Gerkin. Our DMP artists like adding that extra detail to your needs.


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